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Family is very important to us, and the unity of family is foremost in our concern.  Too many times we have seen organizations split families during the most important times - times when we are trying to connect with God.  For that reason, children of all ages are welcome in all services so long as they aren't being disruptive.  

We also understand that some children can thrive, at times, in a setting with others of their same age range.  We've also prepared to accomodate that as well.  Should you want to have your children in a learning environment geared towards their ages, we have Sabbath classes and services for that as well.  We have a class for children ages 5 and under and another class for children ages 6 through 12. When it comes to our teens, our goal is to instill maturity, responsibility,  and love for the Word of God at an early age.  Therefore, we encourage all teens to participate in the adult services.  

All of that being said, we firmly believe in the autonomous decisions of each family.  We know that you as parents know your family better than anyone, and we understand that you will know what will work best for your family.  So feel free to decide within your family where everyone will fit in best.  We only strive to foster an environment where everyone can thrive, learn, and mature in the Word of God.

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