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midrash groups


noun, plural midrashim early Jewish interpretation of or commentary on a Biblical text,clarifying or expounding a point of law or developing or illustrating a moral principle.

2. (initial capital letter) a collection of such interpretations orcommentaries, especially those written in the first ten centuries a.d.


Traditionally, midrash is a word that refers to a work of commentary within Judaism.  For us, the Midrash Groups are a play on that word in that we get together to study and grow in a more intimate setting.  The discussion is our own "midrash".  Public worship is great, and the community coming together is necessitated in the instructions of Sabbath.  However, we have found that true growth and discipleship happens more readily in these smaller groups.  

Group Information

We currently have three Midrash Groups taking place at different times and places. The meeting times for these are on Friday evening and Saturday afternoons.  As these groups are meant to be intimate groups of personal growth, more groups will be essential.  

If you are curious about any current MIdrash Groups or would like to offer your home as a new Midrash Group, please contact us.   

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