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The Watchmen

The Watchmen are once again appearing on the wall from sea to sea.

We are hearing the sound of the shofars on the mountains,

From Sabbath to Sabbath and new moon to new moon

Re-establishing His sovereignty and our obedience to the Word.

By the Covenant in His Sword every jot and every tittle will be acknowledged and restored.

The feasts are on the forefront, the spring feasts fulfilled by Yeshua.

The accomplishment of the fall feasts are yet to come in Him,

And the promise of His Covenant is comprehensible.

The reflection of the Father through the Son

Clearly seen Commandments

Unquestionably to be followed, freedom from bondage and condemnation

Peace brought forth through His Torah as He lives through us By our walking in His ways.

Freedom? Yes!

Legalism? No!

Blessings poured out through obedience,

Provision being restored.

Come forth as in days of old,

As we follow the future to ancient paths foretold.

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